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Brahm is the incarnation of the god of Creation, Brahma, the Creator and Founder of the Godly Society of Deva

Physical Appearance[]


Brahm is an intellectual person, a scholar one might describe it. He enjoys the comfort or reading books and grappling at new knowledge whenever the chance is provided. Brahm resonates well with like-minded individuals such as experts in their field like Henova and Victoria.

As a father, grandfather and husband, he cares deeply for his family and friends and would do almost anything as long as it would ensure their safety and wellbeing. Willing to go far for Sesha who was unrelated to him by blood, even chasing after his long lost Wife who had long discarded such feelings. Brahm is affectionate as well as ruthless.

He would not bat an eye even if the Devas were to all fall or if all the gods were to go to war. To him, life and death is a cycle of creation after all. Even if his own death was entailed, he would gladly sacrifice it if it meant ensuring the life of his close ones were to continue.


In the legends, Brahma was characterized as “Buhm,” the very basis of the universe. Buhm was the seed that birthed the creation of the universe, taking on various forms over time. Brahma also appeared with different personalities and faces throughout time. And right now, Brahma’s name was Brahm. He was not a supreme god concerned about the creation and order of the universe, but the head of a family who only wanted for his family to be healthy and safe.

Powers & Abilities[]

As a Progenitor and Primordial God that founded the Godly Society and Pantheon of Veda, Brahm was once an immensely powerful being with strength easily rivaling the other chief Gods of the major heavenly soceties in the 98th Floor of the Obelisk.

Upon abandoning his identity and place as a God, Brahm was noted to still be excpetionally powerful. This is seen where he was strong enough to easily defeat several High Rankers from Elohim and later was even able to temporarily fight off Agares.


Using his books, Brahm is able to use a variety of different spells he either recorded into it or created himself.

  • Meteor Strike: One of the most deestructive spells in the Tower that allows Brahm to conjure a meteors to strike down and annhilate his targets. As shown from the downfall of Walpurgisnacht, using the Philosophers Stones Cain and his allies collected from the Witches, Brahm could conjure and use several meteors, annhilating and killing several rankers and high rankers within the Endless World of Night and destroying Brocken Castle.

Book of Mercury[]

Book of Mercury Chapter 130

Book of Mercury

Brahm's original text that contained his compiled knowledge of Magic and Alchemy from even during his time as the Greater God of the Deva Pantheon, Brahma of Creation.

The Book of Mercury itself contained extensive knowledge and magic of numerous fields. Brahm had used it to construct his "Demon Tree Orchard" within his Imaginary World, a facility he create specifically to grow and mass produce Demon Flowers by growing Demon Trees native to the 23rd Floor of the Obelisk. Brahm himself was able to use the book to construct powerful Magic Circles underneath the field to control and manipulate the growth of the Trees.

Chapter 135 - Ceratopsian Dinosaurs & Low Rank Devils

Army of Ceratopsian Dinosaurs and Low Ranked Devils created by Brahm

Brahm was also create a powerful Demon Summoning Circle that allowed him to summon forth powerful High Class Demons. The circle itself also contained several binding chains stated to be strong enough to bind and capture Low to Mid High Ranked Demons and grind them down into Demon Cores. Although created in order to help his granddaughter Sesha in order to gain the needed demonic cores to improve her health, its been implied that if he wanted, Brahm could have easily mass produced legions of Demons, giving him enough military power to wage war with the entire Tower and possibly even invade and war with the other Gods and Demons in the 98th Floor of the Obelisk.

The Book itself was stated to have also contained the Holy energies Brahm once had as the greater God, Brahma, Effectively also making it as a powerful power source for magic.

After being cornered by Kindred and two other Bishops from the Devil Army, Brahm was forced to sacrifice the Holy Energy within the Books to summon Agares to the 23rd Floor to help fend him off. The Book would then disintegrate after Brahm had used the last of its energies to try and destroy Agares after he made it known that he desired to eat Sesha.

Book of Mars[]

Book of Jupiter[]

After Yeon-woo successfully killed and collected Bayluk's soul, Brahm had successfully begun extracting Bayluk's knowledge on Alchemy, specifically the Otherworldly knowledge he gained from making a deal with the Outer God Crawling Chaos. Using Bayluk's knowledge combined with his own, Brahm was able to create an entirely now magic tome, called the "Book of Jupiter", that now contained both their knowledge respectively.

Using this book, Brahm was able to successfully record Bayluk's genetic research into Alchemy and replicate his Homunculus DNA Cloning techniques. With him successfully creating a new arm for Phante after harvesting some of his DNA and getting some of his genetic information. The New Limb itself was categorized as a S-Ranked Artifact and was stated to even be superior to Phante's original arm and was stated to have greatly magnified his original power immensely.

Later after combining the knowledge contained within the Emerald Tablet of Faust with the the Knowledge taken from Bayluk, Brahm was able to create a new Homunculus Clone of Jeong-woo that was stated to be much superior to the ones created by Bayluk and was an ideal vessel for properly resurrect him.

Book of Pluto[]

Through his connection with Cha Yeon-woo, Brahm has obtained knowledge into the concept of death. As a god of Creation, Brahm combined his own knowledge and his research from 'death' to create a whole new profound understanding towards creation. Creation after death. The book of Pluto is the accumulation of his understandings so far and its effects are further enhanced within the territories influenced by Yeon-woo or death. He uses this book in the battle against the other gods of creations such as zeus and the Jade Emperor. It is later destroyed during the battle.

Book of the Sun[]

Based on what he gathered and pieced together from Cha Yeon-woo and Harmonia, Brahm collected his power to form the Book of the Sun. This book is in the possession of Cha Yeon-woo as Brahm had predicted that he would need it some day. The power within the book of the Sun reveals itself when Yeon-woo tries to resist the erosion of Ego when fusing with the Black King. It fuses and upgrades his Cold Blooded nature.