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The Ice King is one of the Nine Kings acknowledged within the Obelisk and one of its most senior member.

Physical Appearance[]

The Ice King's exact physical appearance is unknown, but it has been stated that he was an elderly man that was still physically fit despite his age and was the physically oldest looking of the Nine Kings.



The Ice King is known as one of the most veteran Player within the Obelisk and one of the most powerful High Rankers. With him having been acknowledged to be the one of the "Nine Kings" that dominate the Tower. With him having built the reputation for being a highly formidable and powerful mercenary.

Sometime during Nayu's youth climbing up the Tower's Floors, it was stated that the future Martial King of the One-Horned Tribe had a run in with the Ice King and engaged in a destructive battle with him. It was there that the Ice King was defeated by the One-Horned Human that cemented Nayu's reputation as a powerful Ranker with the potential to become one of the Nine. This event in particular striked a blow on the Ice King's reputation as a S-class Mercenary and caused his career to plummet, causing him to retreat from active duty and train himself to further improve his power.


The Ice King was stated to be monstrously powerful like the other nine kings and was stated to be one of the most powerful Rankers within the Obelisk during his time prior to the emergence of the Martial King Nayu. With him being regarded as an S-Class mercenary and one of the most exclusive and expensive mercenaries one can afford.

However despite his power surpassing most Rankers and High Rankers, it was stated that he was considered one of the weakest, if not the weakest member of the nine kings. With him having been noted to be inferior in strength to Nayu, The Summer Queen, The Gluttonous Emperor and even Cha Jeong-woo the youngest of the nine. Eventually, as time went on and more powerful players entered into the Tower, the Ice King was eventually removed from Nine Kings.

In battle the Ice King was stated to be a master in the usage of ice magic, of whom his master earned him his moniker.


  • Frozen Wall:
  • Ice Castle:
  • Blizzard:


The Ice King was also noted to be an inheritor of the Monkey King, having found a piece of Ryu Bang and gained some knowledge regarding the Bian Arts.


  • Piece of Ryu Bang (1x): As a descendant of the Monkey King, the Ice King received a piece of the King's weapon.


  • The Ice King is the oldest and senior looking member of the "Nine Kings" due to him being of the human race. Technically he was counted among the youngest of the nine due to the oldest members not being human.