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Lana was a legendary High Ranker who dominated the 27th Floor as the leader of Blue Rose, the strongest and largest Pirate Fleet Clan within the River of Souls. Lana was also one of Cha Jeong-woo's Teachers that mentored him during his time as a Ranker in Arthia.

Physical Appearance[]

Lana was shown to be a beautiful woman with long, silver white hair. As the leader of Blue Rose and ruler of the 27th floor, Lana has shown to primarily wear an outfit of a pirate.


Lana was known to have been out-spoken, fierce, charismatic and strong leader during her time as the ruler of the 27th Floor, as seen where she showcased no fear at even picking fight against Arthia and fighting Cha Jeong-woo during their first meeting despite his immense power alongside his clan mates. Lana was also known to be somewhat short tempered as well, having initially attacked Arthia without provocation due to believing that they were allies to her enemies that had attacked her clan recently. However, Lana herself was rational enough to imprison them first before doing anything else to verify their claims of innocence instead of out right killing them.

Upon officially becoming friend with Jeong-woo, Lana was noted to have come to truly care for him and begun seeing and loving him as her own son. Later upon the alliance of Top 8 clans declaring war against Jeong-woo, Lana immediately declared her and her clans loyalty to Arthia and set out to help him as much as she can during the war and was one of his longest standing allies that never betrayed him nor Arthia until his death.

However, upon learning of Jeong-woo's death and how he was betrayed by everyone and left to fight and die alone, Lana was absolutely enraged and swore vengeance against all of Jeong-woo enemies and former allies and swore to slaughter them all herself. As stated by her former lover Benteke and admitted by Lana herself, she had already gone half-insane by that point out of grief.

Lana was also noted to have truly loved Benteke during their time together, being both hurt and shocked when he turned against her and killed her. But in the end, she did not entirely blame him for his actions that leas to her death, as she had acknowledged that she had already gone half-insane with grief over Jeong-woo death and was consumed with the need for vengeance, realizing that she would have likely lead Benteke and the rest of Blue Rose to their death if she was allowed to continue on her path to avenge Jeong-woo. Upon being summoned by Yeon-woo, Lana asked him how Benteke’s final moments were like, when Yeon-woo explained he died laughing, Lana was happy that he died as himself, unlike her who had allowed resentment, grief and hatred to twist her in the end of her life.



Lana was the daughter of Erzsebet Bathory and her husband Count Ferenc, with her having lost both her parents after her father was imprisoned by All for One in the 77th floor and her mother going on the run after her failed attempt to ascend the 77th floor.

When she grew up, Lana entered into the Tower and eventually ascended into a High Ranker. Lana in particular become the apostle of Ceto, the Goddess of the Primordial Deep of the Ocean. When she became a High Ranker, Lana would chose the 27th Floor as her territory, starting her own clan, Blue Rose and ruling the River of Souls as the Pirate Queen of the Floor. During this time, Lana would meet and fall in love woth Benteke, becoming lovers with him and eventually become engaged to him. Benteke himself was also the apostle of Poseidon, solidfying Lana and Blue Roses’s dominion over the 27th floor as he also became her second in command.


Jeong-woo following Lana around

When Cha Jeong-woo and his team took the 27th floor test, they came across Lana and Jeong-woo, having just ascended for the third time and acquiring his Heaven Wing signature skill, believed himself invincible, challenged her, thinking her could beat her easily, only to be quickly defeated by her. Deeply impressed by her power and charisma, Jeong—woo came to deeply admire Lana and began following her around like a Puppy. While initially put off by him, eventually Lana came around and took a liking to Jeong-woo.

Lana would eventually become one of Jeong-woo’s teachers and one of his first allies. Lana herself developed a deep, sibling like relationship with Jeong-woo and came to care for him greatly.

Eventually when the other top clans turned against Arthia, Lana swore her loyalty to Jeong-woo and stayed by uis side until the end of the war and the fall of Arthia. Lana herself never faltered nor regretted continuing to remain loyal to Jeong-woo, even when her support of him lead to the considerable loss of her and her clan’s power.


Lana’s Corpse

After Jeong-woo’s death, Lana was stated to have become increasingly unstable as she desired to get revenge against Jeong-woo’s enemies and former allies who turned against him. Beneteke, seeing her graduall fall and realizing that Lana would only end up hurting herself further and die in disgraced, staged a coup and usurped control of Blue Rose, killed Lana and start his own clan Triton. Benteke himself was also acting on his jealousy over Lana’s relationship with Jeong-woo, as he believed that she had also loved him romantically.

Lana’s body would then be left in the ruins of her Crystal Palace in the 27th Floor in her throne.


Lana was stated to be one of the most powerful, talented and veteran High Rankers within the Tower, as seen where it was stated that she managed to defeat Jeong-woo during their first meeting during Arthia's Trial in the 27th Floor. His first ever genuine loss since gaining his [Dragon Traits] and his [Heaven Wings] and left him dumbfounded. Lana was also stated to have defeated Ted and his sister Elain during their time under her in the 27th Floor despite them being Apostles of Charybis and Antaes.

Lana herself was stated to be one of the most powerful Rankers within the Tower and had already passed the Upper Floors beyond the 27th Floor, but due to having grown fond of the floor, she returned there where she easily managed to take control of it and transformed it into her territory.

Maritime Skills[]

Lana was stated to be an immensely talented Marine Captain, having been stated to have formed, run and lead a gigantic pirate fleet within the River of Souls within the 27th Floor with immense skill and ease. Having been shown to easily captain a ship of her own and lead and control her unruly crew with a combination of fear and respect.


Lana was also stated to be a skilled swordsman and mentored Jeong-woo in sword fighting as well.


Lana has also shown to have been proficient in wielding and fighting using a Spear and a Harpoon.


Lana was also stated to be the Apostle to the Sea Goddess Ceto, who was credited to being the Goddess of the Ocean Depths and mother to numerous Sea Monsters. As her Apostle, Lana received various blessings and abilities that allowed her to easily dominate the 27th Floor due to it essentially being nothing more than a gigantic ocean.

  • Power: Like all Apostles, Lana was given a Skill that embodies that "concept" of her Goddess Ceto, that gave Lana access to a unique ability only she possess in the entire Tower.
    • Sea Monster Control: Lana in particular, due to Ceto being the Goddess of the primordial dangers of the Depths of the Sea and Mother to Many Sea Monsters and Races, Lana was given the particular Power of being able to freely manipulate, command and tame Sea Monsters and Sea Monster Kings within the 27th Floor in the River of Souls. Effectively making Lana near unbeatable within her territories within the Floor and granting her access to a virtual armada of Sea Monsters.


  1. Betrayed by Benteke because of her obsession with revenge for Cha Jeong-woo.