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Leonhart is the leader of The Fantasy Regiment, one of the four emerging clans. Leonhart used to be one of the founding members of Arthia and left before the destruction of Arthia.

Physical Appearance[]



After Cha Jeong-woo, Viera Dune and Valebich officially set themselves up as an official clan upon entering the Tower, Leonhart was the fourth member of their team to join after Jeong-woo had noticed him in the Tutorials. Leonhart was noted to be different from the other rookie players within the tutorials, while the others were busy attempting to forge alliances and join teams, Leonhart was stated to have been staring at a line of ants on the floor and keeping to himself, garnering Jeong-woo interest.

Leonhart would then join Jeong-woo, Viera and Valebich as the officially established themselves as a clan as more members joined the group. And thanks to Jeong-woo leadership and Bayluk's alchemical breakthrough's, Leonhart was one of the members of Arthia that managed to quickly boost their powers and reach the levels of Rankers in record time within the Tower.

Leonhart in particular was known to have become particularly close with Jeong-woo and came to idolize him. In fact, Leonhart himself was one of the more loyal members that stayed by Jeong-woo side loyally during Arthia's downfall and out of all the members, was the most torn up about, in the end, abandoning Jeong-woo in favor of self preservation. Leonhart himself would eventually leave Arthia after numerous of its allies and members had died or betrayed the clan and Jeong-woo's increased paranoia due to Bayluk's poison had begun deeply negatively affecting his moods, resulting in him ending up joining the Sea of Time near the end of the War.

However due to not feeling at home with the Sea of Time, Leonhart eventually left this clan. Despite he himself abandoned Jeong-woo and Arthia during the most critical stage of the war, Leonhart still felt deep regret and remorse at abandoning him and Arthia and felt anger at the fact that the Traitor clan members such as Bahal, Leonte and Aether were being "praised" for abandoning Arthia and betraying their long time friend Jeong-woo.

Eventually when he hear about the mysterious "Hoarder", Leonhart initially thought of him as a nothing more than a prodigal super Rookie, but upon actually physically seeing him, he was able to immediately tell that his physical build, eyes and face, despite wearing a mask, was identical to that of Jeong-woo. Coming to the conclusion that Jeong-woo had survived his grievous injuries and was hiding his identity to avoid his enemies, Leonhart immediately desired to reunite with him. But realizing that he would likely despise him for abandoning him, Leonhart instead decided to first gather his own forces to offer to "Jeong-woo" when he decides to make his move and reveal his identity to his enemies, creating the Fantasy Regiment as a result and him becoming known as the "Regiment Leader".


As a former member of Arthia, Leonhart was stated to have been formidable and managed to reach the level of Ranker within the Tower. Upon him resurfacing after the destruction of Arthia, Leonhart was stated to have greatly improved his power and was hailed as one of the "Six New Stars", that had the potential to reach the same level of power as the "Nine Kings.

Later after successfully overcoming the "wall" he was facing, Leonhart managed to drastically increase his power. He was later able to successfully kill the "Autumn Lord" Tom, who had become the second most powerful of the Summer Queen's "Nine Dragon Sons" after devouring his siblings with the assistance of Shanon and Hanryeong.

Upon revealing his identity and his expansion of the Fantasy Regiment power to the upper floors and him showing his might against the top clans, Leonhart has now been officially acknowledged as a member of the Nine Kings.

Administrative Talent[]

As stated by Jeong-woo and Yeon-woo, Leonhart's true talent lied in his immense tactical and leadership abilities, while Jeong-woo was the official leader of Arthia, Leonhart's was in a sense to be its true leader due to his administrative talent, ability and skill being the main reason how Arthia operated and kept together as an organization. In fact, it was only after Leonhart left Arthia, did it truly begin to crumble as an organization during its downfall.